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Underwater shooting with Live Feed to the surface

Using the HDMI output port of the Canon 5D Mark lll, Jim Knowlton can shoot underwater for your project while you monitor the shot live during recording. Jim also uses a Buddy Phone to allow communication underwater with the topside director and client. At the end of the shoot clients know they have the shots they need since they viewed them live during the shoot.

Jim Knowlton shoots with a Canon 5D Mark lll with an HDMI cable out of an Aquatica Housing so that video can be viewed live on a monitor on the surface.

The HDMI cable attached to the housing allows the Canon 5D Mark lll video to be monitored on the surface.
Underwater Director of Photography Jim Knowlton

On an expedition to Swains Island, located 200 miles north of American Samoa, and reachable only by boat, director of photography Jim Knowlton shot video of Jean-Michel Cousteau and a team of scientists as they explored this remote island. After the shoot, Jim returned to produce, write and edit a documentary film titled, SWAINS ISLAND - One of the Last Jewels of the Planet. This film won an award at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in the category of People and the Sea - Cultural Connections. You can see the trailer for this film here: SWAINS ISLAND - One of the Last Jewels of the Planet.

While at Swains Island, Jim used his Canon 5D Mark lll to film Jean-Michel Cousteau on the beautiful coral reefs.
Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jim Knowlton shown aboard an inflatable boat following a dive at Swains Island, located 200 miles north of American Samoa.
Blue Ocean Productions offers full service video production

We can build a set or shoot underwater

Director of photography Jim Knowlton combines nearly 20 years of video production experience with state of the art cameras and production gear to get the shots you need for your project. Check out some of these recent shoots to get an idea of the versitility offered by Blue Ocean Productions and Jim Knowlton. Contact Jim to discuss your video production needs. Contact Us: jim@blueoceanproductions.com

Portable Green Screen Studio

Blue Ocean Productions can travel to your location to set up a complete green screen studio with daylight balanced lights, overhead sound recording, production monitors to view picture during recording, sound recording on-camera and separately for two sources of audio, and high definition video recording using Canon 5D Mark lll and high quality Canon EF lenses. Green screen shooting allows you to place any background you want behind your subject - the possibilities are endless!

A recent green screen set created to shoot ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau and National Geographic explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle for their new 3D Imax movie Secret Ocean 3D. See the results of this shoot here: Secret Ocean 3D.
Blue Ocean Productions can set up agreen screen set or we can use other backdrops, traditional furniture or shoot outdoors.

Director of Photograhy Jim Knowlton

During a recent expedition to American Samoa, Jim shot video aboard the Hokulea - a sailing canoe created to replicate ancient canoes that helped settle Polynesia and the Pacific Islands.

Jim Knowlton is shooting with a Sony EX3 video camera. Video from this shoot is in a new film titled Our Marine Heritage.

Hokulea is a sailing canoe built by native Hawaiian Navigator Nainoa Thompson and the Polynesian Voyaging Society