Mar 16.


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Climate Change

Jean-Michel Cousteau says that climate change is the greatest challenge in human history.  Across the planet, many places are experiencing extreme climate events and disasters, such as larger and more intense hurricanes, more frequent and record setting forest fires, record size rainfalls and floods, prolonged droughts and more. As sea levels rise, many people will need to find new places to live, especially on low lying Pacific Islands and the Maldives.  Many cities are experiencing flooding at high tides, such as in Miami, Florida and Venice, Italy. The science is clear: the burning of fossil fuels to power our economies is causing carbon dioxide levels to rise leading to increased global temperatures and disruptions in our climates.

I created the following videos with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society to help inspire people to understand climate change and to want to make a difference.

Jean-Michel says, “We have the technology, we just need the willingness to put it into action.  Protecting our planet will be our gift to the future generations.”


Climate Change – And what you can do!
Length: 3:41

Our Greatest Challenge
Length 1:01

Climate Change Knows No Borders
Length 0:49

Now is the Time for Action
Length: 0:49

People’s Climate March PSA
Length: 0:56

Jean-Michel Cousteau on Australia Bushfires
Length 3:24

The Burning of the Amazon Forest
Length: 3:04
Now if the Time for Action: COP 23
Length: 5:44
COP15: The Face of Climate Change
Length: 1:04