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Emotional Marketing Videos that Touch the Heart

When I produce videos for clients I find that emotionally engaging videos have the power to connect with viewers on a profound level. So, I wrote this post to help explain why emotional marketing videos that touch the heart help you reach your audience and get a better response from your call to action. Memorable […]

15 Benefits of Using Video Production Services

Whenever I provide video production services to clients to create videos I find that they become excited and more confident because their new videos are creative, inspiring tools that helps them achieve their goals. Blue Ocean Productions can help produce high quality short films, promotional videos and marketing videos that clearly share your core messages […]

Commercial Drone Pilot

Jim Knowlton is an FAA Part 107 licensed Commercial drone pilot that shoots aerial photos and video for corporate films, commercials, documentaries, real estate, construction, weddings, inspections, and more. Knowlton is licensed and insured. If you are searching for a drone pilot you know how valuable aerial images are for your project.  Contact Jim for […]

Event Livestreaming with Blue Ocean Productions

Livestream Your Event Blue Ocean Productions can livestream your event so that your guests can view your event on their computer or phone. People from across the globe can tune in to see your event that we present using professional cameras and audio equipment. So, call us for your Event Livestreaming. You can choose to […]

Branding Video for Umishi Oysters

I traveled to San Quintin in Baja California to create a branding video for Umishi Oysters, a product of Kasmart, USA.  Umishi Oysters are farmed in shallow, pristine waters where strong tides and nutrient rich waters produce the finest oysters in the world. 60 FPS Video for Slow Motion and a Drone I drove to […]

Ocean Futures Society Virtual Film Festival

During Covid-19 I found that many of my clients wanted to broadcast LIVE to continue to reach their followers and clients.  Together, we broadcast LIVE events and presentations on YouTube, Facebook and Zoom. I worked with Jean-Michel Cousteau to create the Ocean Futures Society Virtual Film Festival on the Eventive festival platform.  I created the […]

SWAINS ISLAND – One of the Last Jewels of the Planet

I had the awesome privilege of traveling to tiny Swains Island along with Jean-Michel Cousteau and a team of scientists.  Swains Island had been recently added to the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa and NOAA wanted to survey the Island to find clues to its past use. I filmed the expedition and returned to […]

Protect Goliath Groupers in Perpetuity

When Jean-Michel Cousteau heard that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) would be presenting a proposal to allow harvest of vulnerable and protected Goliath Groupers again off Florida, he told me he wanted to make a video statement. So, I contacted Don DeMaria, a former Goliath Grouper fishermen turned-conservationist, and two of the […]

Green Screen Video Production in Ventura

Blue Ocean Productions partners with a nearby sound studio to offer a large spacious green screen studio for your shoot. The green screen room has sound proofing to allow quiet recordings and there is plenty of space to set up equipment and for crew. Director of photography Jim Knowlton has directed many green screen shoots […]

Camposol Cares from Farm to Family

I recently helped produce this short video with Christie & Co. for Camposol, a global company that works to produce the highest quality and the freshest, most tasty and delicious fruits to major supermarkets worldwide. I traveled to Lima, Peru to shoot video at the Camposol farms, packing plants and offices. I shot with a […]

Scenes of the Central Coast – Shot on RED Scarlet-W

I shot these scenes of people and places on a RED Scarlet-W camera using my Canon EF 24-105mm f 2.8, a Yongnuo 50mm f1.8, and my collection of vintage Nikon lenses including Nikon 55mm f1.2, 24mm f2.8. and 80-200mm. I shot in 23.98 and 59.94 fps. Length: 4:34


The Gomez family asked if I could shoot video at their daughter’s Quinceañera.  Little did I know that Camila Lorena’s quincieñera would be a huge celebration with many bands playing live music, dancing, waves of great food and lots of happy friends and families.  I hired Hunter Godfrey to be my second camera and then […]

In Loving Memory of SSgt. Adam K. Erikson

I shot aerial video for the Erickson family whose son was laid to rest following a skydiving accident and I created this video to help memorialize his passing. On September 18th, 2019, SSgt. Adam K. Erickson was laid to rest at Ivy Lawn Memorial Park following a police escort through Ventura by the Ventura Police […]

Climate Change

Jean-Michel Cousteau says that climate change is the greatest challenge in human history.  Across the planet, many places are experiencing extreme climate events and disasters, such as larger and more intense hurricanes, more frequent and record setting forest fires, record size rainfalls and floods, prolonged droughts and more. As sea levels rise, many people will […]

Birds of Los Banos

I created this short video to promote the video Birds of Los Baños that premiered in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on January 19th, 2020. An endearing look at some of Santa Barbara’s most extraordinary birds and their nesting site near the City’s Los Baños del Mar swimming pool.   Movie trailer Length: 2:01 […]

Ambassadors of The Environment At Ritz-Carlton Reserve Resorts

Branding videos allow companies and organizations to share what they do as well as the image they want to project to the world. Branding videos placed on the internet present your corporate message to the world, 24 hours a day. Ambassadors of the Environment is an active, hands-on outdoor education program developed over the last […]

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Kelp Forest Series

A popular TV show when I was a kid was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Host Marlin Perkins and his naturalist sidekick Jim Fowler brought nature and wildlife into our living rooms. Starting in 2013, Wild Kingdom premiered a series of webisodes that featured new host Stephanie Arne, a new format and new stories about […]

In-flight videos for Fiji Airlines

Fiji Airlines is presenting a new series of videos about eco-tourism in Fiji on their in-flight entertainment system. The videos include stunning footage of some of the most beautiful places and resorts in Fiji. The videos are produced by Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society and Tourism Fiji and were filmed and edited by Jim Knowlton […]

American Samoa Culture and Ocean Conservation Film Series

I worked with Jean-Michel Cousteau and the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa to create this series of videos about the unique culture and rich ocean resources of American Samoa. Jean-Michel Cousteau says, “Diversity is synonymous with stability.” He says this because ecological communities that have many different species are more able to withstand adversity […]

Gulf of Mexico Marine Protected Area Network

“The Gulf of Mexico Marine Protected Area Network” promotes the importance of collaboration between marine protected areas and national parks in the countries of Cuba, Mexico and the United States. This new Gulf of Mexico Marine Protected Area Network will facilitate the sharing of science so managers can better prepare for and respond to ocean […]

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Birthday Cruise

I was honored to celebrate Jean-Michel Cousteau’s birthday Cruise recently aboard the Condor Express Whale Watching boat off Santa Barbara. Jean-Michel invited 100 of his family and friends to celebrate the ocean together. It was a beautiful day on the ocean with reasonably calm seas, clear skies and very cooperative wildlife. Soon after leaving the […]

New Video To Promote Dolphins Protection

After a year in the making, the International Marine Mammal Project recently released a short video about dolphins that I co-wrote and edited. Lives of Wild Dolphins shows how dolphins are highly intelligent and emotionally advanced – and how they deserve world-wide protection from human harm and captivity. Dolphins should not be held captive for […]

Video Series Promotes Ecotourism in Fiji

The recent UN Convention on Climate Change (COP 23) was held in Germany and was presided over by the Government of Fiji. Tourism Fiji wanted the world to know that Fiji is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that eco-friendly resorts help restore and protect the environment. So, Tourism Fiji worked […]

Tribute Video To Honer Tim Trabon

Tim Trabon was a long-time friend, team member and supporter of Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Futures Society. Following his passing early last week, I edited this short video to say thanks for all of his years of support and to honor his amazing life. Thank you, Tim Trabon! Watch this video to hear […]

Video Production with Green Screens

Several of my recent projects benefited from use of green screens. After shooting in front of a green screen, I can remove the green background in post and place any background behind my subject that I want. One of my shoots was a promo video for SECRET OCEAN 3D, an IMAX film Produced by Francois […]

Pool Shoot with Live Video Feed to the Surface

I recently shot video and photos of a pool cleaner as it cleaned the bottom of a pool to create media a pool company could use to promote their products. It was a great opportunity to use the live HDMI output of my Canon 5D Mark lll (5DM3) camera. Canon recently updated their firmware to […]