Director of photography Jim Knowlton has worked for over 20 years as an underwater cameraman on projects for documentaries, commercials, television programs, and short films. Hire Jim Knowlton to get the underwater photos and video you need for your project. Underwater video shot by Jim Knowlton has appeared in programs for Shark Week, Nat Geo TV, PBS, in Imax and in award winning documentaries.



Jim owns a Canon R5 in an Aquatica Housing that can shoot 4K and 8K video and he owns daylight balanced underwater video lights. Jim can also shoot Sony and RED cameras or the camera of your choice if you prefer to use your own equipment or rent to fit the format of your production. Contact Jim Knowlton for more information.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom ‘Spotlight on Jim Knowlton’

Jim shot an underwater video for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom series on the Kelp Forest Ecosystem.  Jim shot at the California Channel Islands to capture these epic kelp forest scenes. You can see episodes of this series here: (make link light blue)


Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Kelp Forest Ecosystem Series


Jim shot video above and underwater of Jean-Michel Cousteau and a team of scientists for  SWAINS ISLAND – One of the Last Jewels of the Planet. The film won top award in the category, People and the Sea at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Florida.

Jim Knowlton is available to shoot underwater video to promote underwater products. He shot video for this SRV-08 ROV for RJE Oceanbotics. This video was shot during a one day trip to Santa Catalina Island to take advantage of some of the best underwater visibility off California.

Underwater video shot by Director of Underwater Photography Jim Knowlton

Jim also shot underwater video for a commercial for the Hayward Aquanaut 200 & 400 Suction-Side Pool Cleaners. Jim hooked up an HDMI cable to his underwater housing so that the topside director could see what Jim was shooting.  The director and Jim used an OTS Buddy Phone 2 Channel Surface Station to communicate so the director could direct Jim to get the shots he was looking for. Jim is available for pool shoots using an HDMI live video feed to the surface and with Buddy Phone communications.

Underwater scenes shot by Director of Photography Jim Knowlton