Video Production Services


Blue Ocean Productions is a full-service video production company that offers professional videography, editing, writing, corporate branding and social media management. Contact us for free consultation to discuss your project.

Corporate and Commercial Video Production


Looking to hire a videographer? Just about every company and organization can benefit from a short video that describes what you do and that creates a connection with your viewers and potential clients. Place your short video on your webpage and social media and your video is a tool to bring you more clients and sales. Sample 1 Sample 2

Aerial Cinematography


Jim Knowlton is an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot who has the experience and the authorization to record aerial photos and video for your project. Drones are excellent tools to get aerial images to help tell your story.  Sample

Green Screen Studio Production


Blue Ocean Productions can shoot your interview in front of a green screen at a nearby spacious studio. We can then place any location or background behind your presenter. Sample

Documentary Film Production


Award winning director of photography Jim Knowlton has decades of experience producing, writing and editing short video and documentary films for TV, film festivals and the internet. Sample



Discover the artistry of Blue Ocean Productions through our unparalleled photography services. We specialize in capturing the essence of your events, ensuring every moment is frozen in time with a touch of creativity. From product photography that highlights the uniqueness of your offerings to soulful portrait sessions that reflect the individuality of each subject, our lens is dedicated to telling your story visually. Beyond the click of the shutter, our expertise extends to photo retouching, color correction, and meticulous editing, ensuring that every image exudes perfection. Let us transform your visual narratives into captivating stories, leaving an indelible mark on your memories. Elevate your online presence and enrich your visual identity with our exceptional photography services.. Sample

Legacy Videos


Embrace the power of storytelling with our video production services, dedicated to crafting captivating legacy videos. Gift your parents or grandparents the timeless joy of sharing their life story, family history, and cherished memories. Our Legacy Videos are carefully crafted, providing a heartfelt keepsake for your family to treasure for generations. Let us help you immortalize those precious moments and create a lasting legacy to be cherished by your loved ones. Sample

Underwater Video Production


Director of photography Jim Knowlton combines over 20 years of shooting and diving experience to get the underwater photos and video you need for your project. His photos and videos have appeared on Shark Week, Nat Geo TV, PBS and more. Jim owns a Canon R5 in an Aquatica Housing and he can rent the camera of your choice. Sample

Marine Coordinator Services


We can help you assemble an ocean-friendly production crew, hire charter boats and divemasters, and we can help plan and coordinate your ocean-related shoot to increase water safety. Sample



Blue Ocean Productions provides creative and professional editing services for your project to produce your video according to specs for every known platform, from TV and theatre, to web pages to all types of social media accounts. Sample

Social Media


Blue Ocean Productions works with you to create a library of photos and videos and then we help design a campaign to engage your followers using social media on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. Creating posts for social media is an excellent way to build brand awareness and your list of followers. Sample



Blue Ocean Productions helps create the positive image you want through informative and inspiring scripting, exceptional images, engaging themes and then we present the image to build your brand through consistent marketing. We help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and build a loyal following. Sample

Livestreaming and Film Festivals


Blue Ocean Productions can help plan, create and present your live event on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, Zoom and Eventive. Technology allows you to broadcast your event LIVE or recorded to the world like never before. Sample