Jim Knowlton is an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot that shoots aerial photos and videos for corporate films, commercials, documentaries, real estate videos, construction projects, weddings, inspections, and more. Knowlton is a licensed and insured pilot.


If you are searching for a drone pilot, you know how valuable aerial images are for your project.  Contact Jim for a free consultation to discuss how to get the aerial photos or video you need.

Some Sample Aerial Video Shot off California, Washington and Mexico

Jim is a member of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary large whale entanglement response team that helps disentangle whales off the Southern California coast. Jim is trained to fly a drone to assist the disentanglement team so that they know what kind of gear is wrapped around a tangled whale.

Aerial Video of Bender Farms in Santa Paula

A Sample Aerial Real Estate Video Created to Help Advertise a Ridgetop Property in Bel Air, CA