May 11.


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Protect Goliath Groupers in Perpetuity

When Jean-Michel Cousteau heard that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) would be presenting a proposal to allow harvest of vulnerable and protected Goliath Groupers again off Florida, he told me he wanted to make a video statement.

So, I contacted Don DeMaria, a former Goliath Grouper fishermen turned-conservationist, and two of the top Goliath Grouper scientists in the world to learn about the issue so I could write a script. Dr. Christopher C. Koenig and Dr. Christopher R. Malinowski shared their information and then peer reviewed my script for accuracy. I filmed Jean-Michel and collected video and photos from a variety of sources and edited a 3 minute video that can be seen below.

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I also created a blog post (Protect Goliath Groupers in Perpetuity) for the Ocean Futures website that we emailed to subscribers to inform them about the campaign and to invite them to write a letter to the FWC:

Protect Goliath Groupers In Perpetuity
Length: 2:59