Mar 25.


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Tribute Video To Honer Tim Trabon

Tim Trabon was a long-time friend, team member and supporter of Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Futures Society. Following his passing early last week, I edited this short video to say thanks for all of his years of support and to honor his amazing life. Thank you, Tim Trabon!

Watch this video to hear Tim Trabon’s inspiring message.  While on expedition on the Amazon River, Tim says to Jean-Michel Cousteau, “When I look at my entire history of my time with you, my message to a young person would be to find a dream. Whatever that dream is, make it an outrageous dream, make it the kind of dream that you’d be embarrassed to share with someone because it may seem too over-the-top. Have a passion for it and fail and fail and fail. But never give up pursuing it and maybe you’ll be as lucky as I feel standing here today living out one of those impossible dreams.